About KEP-Software

KEP stands for Knowledge and Expertise is Powerful. This website is a hobby project and all statements are personal, they do not reflect any company statements.

Don't forget to read the disclaimer.


Ideas are based on the fact that companies do no use the available knowledge in the right way. Causing knowledge to be stuck in peoples minds. Sometimes even making people 'unmissable'. There are of course a lot of ways to share knowledge but it is often the case that the implementation of such system does no meet the goals. Take e.g. a system in which documents are stored but there is no easy way of searching or making relations visible. I see these systems as 'drop in a black hole' so we can tick a box. A lost of knowledge.


Now to the expertise, this comes from the people which have experience in specific areas. But most likely they do not poses expertise on al areas. This is where knowledge and expertise meet each other. If the knowledge is presented in a proper way then the newbies and experienced people can learn quickly from that.


I think that the combination of knowledge and expertise can be very powerful. Then the question rises do I have a solution? The answer is no, but I have ideas. With this site I've made some examples of Message Diagrams or sometimes called in UML as Sequence Diagrams. Which can simulate flows within a company but also give additional information as reference if needed.

Product Knowledge Base

The message diagrams are created out of a Product Knowledge Base or for short PKB. This holds all the information displayed and could potentially serve more goals. I'm still working on those goals, but one could think of generating documentation of protocols. So it would be the other way around. Now we create protocols in e.g. an ASN1 another related files, which has no reference or link to others. And those protocols are used as the documentation. I see it the other way around. You have a structured knowledge base and you can create the needed protocol files out of it. If you play around the examples you might see the my envisioned goal.


The examples displayed is just a start. If you have any ideas on Message Flows to simulate then please send you ideas using our contact form. Any ideas on example of generation protocol are welcome as well.

Message Diagrams

Please read the page on Message Diagrams before diving into the diagrams themselves. Be aware this is a technical website. Meaning that the technical aspect have priority over the way it looks. It is a work in progress.