Name Description
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project
ASN1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
BER Basic Encoding Rules
CIMD2 Computer Interface to Message Distribution protocol V2
EMI External Machine Interface
ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
HLR Home Location Register
HSS Home Subscriber Service
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IP Internet Protcol
KEP Knowledge and Expertise is Powerful
LTE Long Term Evolution
M3UA User Adaptation Layer
MO Mobile Originated
MT Mobile Terminated
MTP3 Message Transfer Part 3
PKB Product Knowlegde Base
RFC Request For Comments
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SMPP Short Message Peer to Peer protocol
SMSC Short Message Service Center.
SS7 Signalling System 7
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TS Technical Specification
UCP Universal Computer Protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UE User Equipment
UML Unified Modeling Language
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
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