SMSC entity overview

The overview below shows all main entities involved within the Simple SMSC model. An interactive message diagram can be started by clicking on the highlighted entity below. It has been split into three main domains. On the left the application domain. This the domain is large accounts mainly IP based, where many messages are send to different (mobile) recipient. Three different interfaces have been modeled being UCP, SMPP and CIMD2. On the right side the mobile domain. This domain holds the mobile phone of an end user. It has been modeled in a simplistics form with only an HLR and HSS to decided in which type of network the mobile uses/resides. In a real SMSC there are more entities involved. In the center the SMSC domain, where the core can initiate retries. The other entities, the interworkers and store, are used to show the internal architecture.

SMSC Domain
Mobile Domain