Name Description
Board-Airplane The passenger boards the airplane and goes to its seat
Handover-OSLuggage The passenger hands-over the Luggage
Issue-Boarding-Pass The boarding pass is issued
Load-Luggage The luggage is loaded to be inspected and weighted
Luggage-accepted The luggage is labeled and accepted
Luggage-loaded The luggage was loaded in the airplane.
Luggage-odd-size The luggage has the wrong size
Luggage-too-heavy The luggage is too heavy
OSLuggage-accepted The odd size luggage was accepted
OSLuggage-rejected Need to go with real cargo transport
Pass-returned The boarding pass is returned
Passport-invalid The passport is not valid
Passport-rejected The passport issues could not be resolved
Passport-valid The passport is valid and stamped if needed
Pay-for-Luggage The passenger payed for the excessive luggage.
Resolve-Passport-issue An attempt is made to resolve the passport problem
Resolve-Ticket-issue An attempt is made to resolve the ticket problem
Seat-Preference Passenger expresses its seat preference
Show-Passport The passport is given for verification
Ticket-invalid The ticket is not valid
Ticket-rejected The ticket is permanently rejected
Ticket-valid The ticket is valid
Transport-Luggage The luggage is will be transported
Verify-Boarding-Pass The boarding pass is verified
Verify-Ticket The ticket is given for verification
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